Bento Kornen Light

Well I’m European and European commercial’s are ridiculously funny, So I decided to share how european media makes memorable comericals.

A lots of animals owners complain about how the pet foods make their animals fat. So this commercial is about  light dog food. It gives a message that will make your animal skinnier and fitter than ever, but its shows it in a funny way, basically old lady is in the beach with her dog “Kiki”. She calls over her the little dog. When he doesnt listen, She presses the dogs leashes button, it pulls over the poor puppy. Because the dog got so skinny over the dog food, he gets stuck inside of the leash and gets lost in it. Its hilarious but tells people that it can make your dog so skinny it could even get stuck in a leash. thats impossible in real life, but its still a message.  i picked up this commercial and its really memorable because if i look for a light dog food this will be the first dog light food will come to my head.


2 Responses to “Bento Kornen Light”

  1. elif Says:

    Babos bu senin blog mu? Telefondn giriorm ya o deilde benmkni n zmn yazcan:D

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