Advertising Hermes bag

when a famous person wears or uses a product and if they cut on cameras they advertise the product. when people sees it they automatically  want to buy or get the stuff. so today i want to talk about a brand, how it came so popular and expensive.This brand is called Hermes. which means in Greek messenger of the Gods.  Hermes brand became popular after Kelly Grace who is an actress then became a princess of Monaco used one of her two favorite Hermes bags to shield her pregnant stomach from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Photographs of her covering her stomach bulge with her hallowed Hermes were splashed all over the world and made it onto the cover of life magazine. Hermes named their bag after her; “Kelly bag”. she advertised the bag even knowing it.  and  than people wanted to have the same bag so that how Hermes became so popular. Its in same quality as Louis Vitton , Chanel and any other brands. this kelly bag came out in 1930’s and its a classics of Hermes and still popular. so its shows us even in that time media advertise the products. Hermes’s kelly bag is still popular and famous people like victoria beckham still wear them.


2 Responses to “Advertising Hermes bag”

  1. Isabella Says:

    I have a Birkin and I absolutely adore it!! Don’t you think it’s funny how two Hermès handbags are actually named after beautiful celebrities? Kelly after Grace Kelly and Birkin after the famous Sixties model Jane Birkin? As you said, they advertised their bags without even knowing it. I think Hermès definetly has a strong legacy in its clients and followers and is not a brand that’s not for everyone… You don’t see as many ads of theirs on the magazines or billboards as you do for Louis Vuitton and Burberry. It is a very elite brand and terribly expensive (glad mine was passed on from my mother!) and not as many people in the States know about it (if they do it’s definely thanks to European celebrities such as Victoria Beckham.) Hermès is definely all about subtle elegance and family legacy, in the sense that if your mother, or grandmother has a Kelly or Birkin, you’re more prone to have one too… I always remember my grandma’s beautiful Hemès scarf! 🙂

    • merveonur Says:

      sorry for responding late i just figured out how to send back a comment. yes its is so true, kelly and grace bags are my favorites and they got named after such a two amazing people. its a special bag and its out there but just few people knows about it. thank you for the comments i was pretty shocked, just few people knows about it or they are interested in these kind of stuff.

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