club advertisers

Well we all know if there is party event or a club event going on, people post a event and invite you from facebook. and there is Club Promoter(advertisers) . What is a Club Promoter?  Promoters invite people to the quality. they get payed by the clubs for bringing people in. they usually get payed 5 dollar for each person. if they bring 30 people , 5 times 30 is 150 dollar in one night.  Promoters are social, attractive and they know a lot of people.These people advertise clubs by using facebook, texting or emailing you, but mostly because it easier to reach people facebook. they are like a bugs that never leave you alone, they will keep on texting or emailing or fill out your facebook with random events. but thats the way club owners advertise and bring people in to the clubs.

people invited by promoters are seen as a high quality people. promoters job is to bring  good looking , non trashy people. while other people lined up in the clubs, these chosen people by promoters get in from v.i.p. thats the way how clubs get good people or get people to their clubs.  if promoters brings 50 people  they will make 250 dollars and clubs reward promoters by giving them a free table in their clubs. Promoters meet with people get their phone numbers  and their full names invite them for the next time. full name is to find people on facebook.

how clubs find Promoters(advertisers) ?  They usually find people by asking other club managers,or learning promoter names and finding them on facebook and messageing them by asking if the want to promote for their club.

Promoting is actually  a job but it doesn’t have stable income because not always 30 people will show up. it can go down to 10 or less.They usually work at the weekends or they make more money at the weekends. Promoters usually have two jobs. one is for the advertise the clubs and other one is their stable job. Why they promote?  They promote to get in to the clubs faster, if they are party animals,  and make money for the night.

I have a bunch of promoter friends thats how i learned this club advertising craziness. its a fun job and you make money out of it. but its so weird how clubs find a way to advertise their clubs. they use people to advertise instead of putting up on billboards. but if you look at from a point, not that much people  looks up on billboards . they usally check their facebook for events, they check their emails, text messages, it is a better way to advertise because people will get the advertisement on their phone, on their facebook or on their emails.

if you want to know what is going on l.a night life keep in touch with promoters…


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