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MetroPCS unlimit xxxxx! LIMIT yourself.

May 16, 2010

MetroPCS, when you watch the  commercial, Your first reaction will be like “wow awesome”.  What is so special about MetroPCS? You have unlimited talking and texting for some certain price , MetroPCS doesn’t stops there, you can make a international calls from your cell phone to a stable phones NOT cell phones, and you will get unlimited international texting also for a certain price.  And you also have a internet!!! It’s a lot cheeper, compare to other phones right? Than why the whole world doesn’t switch to this special Metro? Thats easy, MetroPCS has a bad coverage, it always goes on to voice mail and when you need to use the phone, too bad that you don’t have a service. It has a really slow internet, it’s a waste of time to wait for web pages to open. Unlimited texting is nice, but problem  is you can’t text very long sentences, it cuts you off , its not like iphone or blackberry. And another problem with texting is, when you text international your phone number shows up diffrent instead of (+1310633…) it shows up (9999228289…), so the person you are texting gets shocked and wonders, whose number is this? so they have to text back that weird number so you can gets the text back. Calling international it sounds amazing, but when you call international its so hard to hear the person in the other line, voice is pretty low and you hear the other persons voice late, so it makes voices mix up and you can’t understand anything. Media tricks people just like that! It sounds perfect when you get it, than the problems starts. I have learned to search for something before I buy it, and not trust media’s judgment. It is a good phone, if you don’t use a phone so much. My point is for MetroPCS to get in to a good level of phone company, it needs a time.


Alors On Danse (So We Dance!)

May 12, 2010

Today I’m going to talk about Stromae! He is a singer from Belgian-Rwandan. His real name is Paul van Haver. He became famous in few weeks recently, over song called ” Alors on danse” This song become number one hit not only in Europe, but in many countries. His first album came out in 2007 called “Juste un cerveau, un flow, un fond et un mic..” but it didn’t got so popular. In 2010 Music Manager, was impressed by the talent of Stromae’s first single ‘Alors on danse’ and decided to air it for the first time ever on NRJ. The audience reacted entousiastically and the career of Stromae was launched. He rapidly became N.1 in sales In Belgium, than in other countries. And they made him sign a 4 years contract. If the  music manger didn’t air his song, this song would never would been heard, wouldn’t been so popular. When music got played thousand times, you will get used to it, and you will like it and of course if the song is good too. So thats how media works always someone needs to hold from your hand, so you will get to a good point in life, but of course if you want to be in this business.  the song is talking about stress, problems in life and to get rid of them he is says “so we dance” let everything go so we dance…. enjoy the music…

what is this song about ? its in french and there is the  translation

Alors On Danse

So we dance (x3)
He who say study, says work
Qui dit taf te dit les thunes, (These I don’t understand)
He who says money, says expenses
He who says credit says credit (dealing with the nature of having credit)
He who says debt tells you to go usher
Yes, tells you to sit down in the sh*t
He who says love, says kids,
Says always and says divorce

He who says close tells you of sadness because the problems do not come one by one
He who says crisis says to you the world, says third-world
He who says fatigue says wake again ignorant of it (literally deaf from the old, this is probably an expression that I am not familiar with not being a native french speaker.)
On we go, forgetting all of these problems

And so we dance (x9)
And you tell yourself that this is as far as it will go because any worse would be death
And you believe in the end that you are finished with it, but there is more to come still! (not sure here)
Ecstasy says problem, the problems or the music. (not sure here, either)
This takes you for the ride, it grabs you by the head, and you pray for it to stop
But this is your body, this isn’t heaven, so you speak more than you listen
And you cry out even louder as it persists

So we sing
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,
So we sing
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala

So we sing (x2)
And then only when this is over, so we dance
And so we dance (x7)
And it still goes on


May 1, 2010

Today i want to talk about chocolate brand called GODIVA. i love the name, taste and also history of it.   in old english Godiva means “gods gift”.  Godiva, founded in Belgium in 1926, was purchased by Turkey’s Yildiz holding  owner of  Ulker Group, since 2008.   Godiva owns and more than 450 retail shops in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia and is available over 10,000 specialty retailers.

Lets talk about history of Godiva;  Godiva  was founded in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium by Joseph Draps.  He opened his first boutique in the Grand Place in Brussels under its present name, in honor of the legend of Lady Godiva.  The first Godiva shop outside Belgium was opened in Paris in 1958. In 1966, the company’s products reached the United States.

And who is this famous Lady Godiva ? Lady Godiva was married to Leofric, the Earl of Mercia, in what is now the United Kingdom. Around the time of 1057, she and Leofric got in a dispute over the taxes he had levied on the growing city of Coventry, and he challenged her to ride naked through the marketplace, promising to ease the tax burden if she did so. Lady Godiva took the challenge and became a local legend. At least, that’s how the story goes, a story that be, but that a man named Tom pegan to circulate a century after her death. In the 17th century, the detail was added that Lady Godiva had instructed the town people to stay indoors during her ride.

what is so special about this chocolate company? Godiva not only sells chocolate it also sells  truflles coffee cocoa  biscuits, dipped fruits and sweets.  and they make special things for wedding and party favors and other items arranged in gift baskets.  Godiva also produces seasonal and limited edition chocolates with special packaging for all major holidays. Godiva also has license agreements for the production of  ice cream, cheesecake, coffee pods and liquors  that comes in several chocolate related flavors.

Godiva is pricey but it worth every penny.  if you understand from chocolate, you can tell the difference between other chocolates.

thank you for your time ciao! 

picture on the right side is Lady Godiva.