MetroPCS unlimit xxxxx! LIMIT yourself.

MetroPCS, when you watch the  commercial, Your first reaction will be like “wow awesome”.  What is so special about MetroPCS? You have unlimited talking and texting for some certain price , MetroPCS doesn’t stops there, you can make a international calls from your cell phone to a stable phones NOT cell phones, and you will get unlimited international texting also for a certain price.  And you also have a internet!!! It’s a lot cheeper, compare to other phones right? Than why the whole world doesn’t switch to this special Metro? Thats easy, MetroPCS has a bad coverage, it always goes on to voice mail and when you need to use the phone, too bad that you don’t have a service. It has a really slow internet, it’s a waste of time to wait for web pages to open. Unlimited texting is nice, but problem  is you can’t text very long sentences, it cuts you off , its not like iphone or blackberry. And another problem with texting is, when you text international your phone number shows up diffrent instead of (+1310633…) it shows up (9999228289…), so the person you are texting gets shocked and wonders, whose number is this? so they have to text back that weird number so you can gets the text back. Calling international it sounds amazing, but when you call international its so hard to hear the person in the other line, voice is pretty low and you hear the other persons voice late, so it makes voices mix up and you can’t understand anything. Media tricks people just like that! It sounds perfect when you get it, than the problems starts. I have learned to search for something before I buy it, and not trust media’s judgment. It is a good phone, if you don’t use a phone so much. My point is for MetroPCS to get in to a good level of phone company, it needs a time.


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