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Seat Belt Commercial

June 4, 2010

I watched this commercial few years ago and i found it very interesting. it is a sad commercial that makes a point. it shows what might happen if you dont wear a seat belt and also it show is it in a weird way. it tells us that seat belt saves life and it proves it. Comericals like this makes people sad and upset, makes people emotional and they way its is interesting it get stuck at peoples mind… watchhh it


Downloading youtube songs?

June 4, 2010

well i was trying to download this song that i was crazy about i looked everywhere and i just couldn’t find it any where not limewire, not at itunes, then i was reading this article and It said you can download youtube songs. Than i found this site called, you write the name of the song , it gives you youtube pages and than you ¬†download it. i was pretty amazed by it it works slow but perfectly fine and its free. it is so weird how people find and make these s