Who wants to be lucky today? Well, Evil Eye will bring you luck and will protect you from danger.

if you believe in luck and energy, this is perfect topic for you to listen.I grow up seeing Evil eye amulet everywhere I go. Many regions believe in it, Europe, South Asia, Middle East, but mostly Mediterranean regions.  In Turkish we call it “Nazar Boncugu”.

At almost every culture, Man looked for assistance of magic objects tobe protected from evil forces. Turks come up with symbol of an eye figure that they believe; It will protect them from evil forces. Evil eye is blue amulet looks like shape of an eye made out of glass or plastic, In good manners People believe that it bring bless to persons life. Evil Eye brings you good luck, and it will take away bad energy. Evil eye will see wickedness and evilness and protects you from enemies.Evil eye will bring joy, happiness, and wealth to your life.

What is the actuall meaning of evil eye?

There is many meanings of evil eye but actual meaning of Evil eye is not good as you might think. Evil eye is like a devil eye. If you are wearing evil eye or you have it hanging in somewhere in your area it is like showing devils eyes to your enemies or to jealous people. Evil eye will protect you by declining with devil look to the bad spirits, enemies and any other bad things you can think of.

Where does evil eye come from?

Turks came up with idea of a evil eye by religious believes and inspired from tales.  First evil eye come from Anatolia, Turkey. As humans, we always look for mystery, a story, reality or belief.

Evil eye has hysterical story by it own!

The story people believed in Anatolia was; Evil eyes belong to Medusa’s eyes. As we all know Medusa turned people to a stone with her evil eyes. After Peruses killed Medusa he started to show Medusa’s face to his enemies to turn them to a stone.  Evil eye presents Medusa’s killer eyes.

How medusas eyes turn in to evil eye amulet?

Long time ago in Anatolia, most of the buildings had Medusa’s face on some part of the buildings. In those day manual laboring was cheep, But now there is only evil eye amulets are on the buildings that presents Medusa’s eyes.

Time line?

Even in modern religions with a single God have their own symbols on talismans.  We find almost in every culture and fait for thousands of years.Evil eye was first recomened by Mespotamians about 5,000 years ago in cuneiform on clay tablet. Over evil eye tradition find a new identity in the 3000 years old glass craftsmanship of Anatolia. .

Why eyes are luck than?

It believed that; Eyes are the one, who opens the windows to the world. Eyes are like a soul, you can lie with your words, but eyes are pure they can never lie.  what evil eye is made out of has significant meanings.

Why evil eye is blue?

There is a reason why original and real evil eyes are blue. Blue is a fresh and peaceful color that will keep away bad spirits.  In Turkish culture they believed that blue color blocks and pushes blood away that’s is a other reason evil eye is blue.

Real evil eyes are made out of glass. When it breaks it have meanings!

Turkish people believe that with evil eye amulet you will be protected. If evil breaks it means bad luck on you is gone. Evil eye will break if enemies eye ray of light and bad energy will be directed to amulet.  If it breaks from no reason its still belief that bad eyes on you is gone. No bad energy will reach you since you are protected with the amulet of evil eye.

Evil eye  presents Medusa’s evil eyes that will bring luck and will keep away enemies away.You can see evil eyes in many places in Turkey, such as houses, necklaces, bracelets, shirts, hair clips, on walls, on buses, air planes, on cars. Also babies have it hanged in their cloths.  Evil eye will always be there when ever you need it.Evil eye is 5000 years old amulet, came out from Anatolia and separated to the wolrd.

Are you wearing your evil eye today? 😉

5 Responses to “Evil-eye!”

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  4. Maria Says:

    I always thought the evil eye was a Greek thing… If u think about it way back in the day…. Turkey was Constantinople (Greece) and back in the ancient times evil eye was around hence… Greek again! Get your history right!

    • merveonur Says:

      Dear Reader,
      Don’t take it personal wars ended years ago, we are talking about culture not politics. All cultures has evil eyes now because of the ottoman empire, which is known as Turkey. Evil eye doesn’t come from Istanbul which you called it Constantinople It used to be owned by Greeks. Evil eye comes from Anatolia which is not west of Turkey its not Istanbul, it comes from Anatolia Which is in middle of Turkey Heart of Turkey let’s say, it’s a big research, I respect your comment, Its a huge research, i recommend you to get your research right.

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