American commercial’s on Turkey

After all these commercials and advertisements Turkey did, I guess it made Americans wonder about Turkey in these days. what does Turkey looks like from a Americans point of view or what does Turkish people looks like, or for mans what does woman looks like in there. Well I started to realize there is been more American commercials or adds are inspired from Turkey or lets say Turkish people. From one media to another they all effect each other in some way.

Here  is the commercials made by American media.


In this add they are kind of joking around turkey the; ‘animal” and Turkey the “country”. Well this add starts with Miss Turkey walking with her bikini and eating a burger. Commercial says “we hired Miss Turkey to taste and prove our turkey burger”. So they are both Turkey, she is actually “Turkish” not Turkey, but  in my point of view;  this is what commercial is trying to say that she is beautiful,hot and have been chosen to be; the best woman in Turkey 2011 as Miss Turkey and she must understand the best turkey to eat, because she is Turkish. So its trying to prove Carls JR. has hot,sexy burger just like Miss Turkey and Miss Turkey understands from the best turkey to eat if she chooses the best then its the best burger,


Its starts with a guy talks about his dad transferring to Istanbul for work. He talks about his dad and mom figuring out the city, getting used to it, making friends. But he says; they were missing something N.Y. So it gave him an idea for their 30th anniversary since he couldn’t t be there he asked citi bank how many thank you  points it will take them to give them something special. and he send his parents seats from the old states. at the end it says citi thank you points could use for anything you want.


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