Turkish advertisements

Advertisements are great way to pull peoples attention to make them buy, travel, see or make people to get an idea what you are presenting. well Turkey is going all out with the advertisements. According to the news Such a growth will possibly make Turkey the fastest-growing advertising market in Europe. Spending on advertising rebounded in the first half and reached 1.83 billion Turkish lira, a 36.3 percent rise from the same period a year earlier. Turkey’s advertising market, which contracted 15 percent in 2010, is expected to grow over 30 percent in 2011.Spending on TV advertising grew 45.9 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2010 to 1.02 billion TL. Spending on online advertising, which increased to 121 million TL from 74 million, saw the highest growth when compared to other medias.

—Well they always made commercials, advertisements on the buildings or billboards  etc. but after straight flights started from Istanbul to L.a  it just start pulling people’s attention. Lots, of lots of tourists comes to Turkey in summers. Mostly from European countries. there is bunch of place to travel but it just gets better in summers. Turkey has four seas around it, every  city is just better than each. Mostly people from Netherlands, France, Germany, Russia comes to visit Turkey. Probably Turkish media was trying to pull Americans attention for once. straight flights from Istanbul to L.A. came out because there was a lots of travelers, and its better for some other countries also because  instead for other countires to take 3 or more flights they could take turkish airlines. Smartes thing Turkish media did was to put Kobe in to the comercial. When basketball fans saw Kobe ,who is peoples role model they might say “wow if Kobe is traveling, it must be good” so this adverstiment been on billboards in downtown, sunset blvd, santa monica blvd. etc. On tv and it also been in news beacuse Armenian celebrities  said they were upset with Kobe for advertising for Turkey, but Kobe left no comment on it. Turkish airlines also caries all the Manchester United soccer player, they have contract and turkish airlines caries them to all of their games. and they also have commercial with all the players.

—When i was looking at L.A times news paper, i saw 4 pages advertisment from Turkey. title was Turkey welcomes you,  there was pictures of seas, historical places. Even I’m Turkish and I visit every year, it made me want to go those  places again. Using media is a great way to pull people’s attention. its a diffent kind of media, Turkey uses news paper to advertise to pull people from diffrent  presepectives. there is other adds i saw also on sunset blvd., comercials advertising that advertises Turkey.

Now i want to share a video that collects all of them at once the turkish airlines commercial and there is the traveling to Turkey commercial





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